Mismanagement / Contacts

GM (Grand-Master) - CanCum
- Try to make the hashes run smoothly all year long; make sure the rest of mismanagement is doing their jobs; do something with major event planning (we still don't know what); and of course, let this tiny amount of power go straight to your head (who said 'head?').
RA (Religious Advisor) - Buzz and First Lady
- Make sure we have nice weather, advise and lead the hash on proper rituals, run some or all of the circles.
Hash-Cash - Tore de Pants and Mr. Wet Fister
- The Hash deals with money, sometimes a lot. You'll have to collect it, and make sure it gets paid to the right people at the right times.
Hare-Raiser - Half Wit
- Find hares for trails and then nag them for locations, preferably in advance. Make sure these details get posted in a timely manner.
Anniversary Coordinator - Loopy
- Help plan and manage the Hogtown Weekend. You have all of the hash mismanagement and volunteers at your disposal. Your only job is helping to make the weekend happen as smoothly as possible.
Web-Wanker - tbd
- Post trail details, and maintain the various online hash places - Meetup, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and of course our website. Hopefully migrate us to Wordpress.
Hash Throat/Song Meister - ** needed **
- Learn new songs, teach the hash new and old songs, help prompt songs during circles and long-bus rides while going the wrong direction on the 401.
Beer Meister - CanCum (voluntold)
- BE IN CHARGE OF THE BEER FOR GOD'S SAKE. This mainly applies to bigger events, but it's a damn important job.
Hash Horn(y) - Blurry Beaver
- Guard the prized Hash Horn, and probably play it from time to time.
Hash Scribe - Shampoo
- Document the goings-on, shenanigangs, and tomfoolery of the hash.
On-Sec - tbd
Record the official minutes of Hash Mismanagement meetings. This requires the skill of understanding the drunk ramblings of various Mismanagement wankers.
Haberdashery/Marketer - Loopy and Click It
- See the hab, be the hab. Let's Make Hogtown Hab Great Again.
Hash Flash - Natty Porn and Wheel Nutzz
- You Hash it. We will flash it!