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50 Ways to be a Hasher - Moist

He said, my life has reached a very sad velocity
I never run, I have no fun, I need frivolity
I said, there is a running club that's just your cup of tea

There must be 50 ways to be a Hasher

Don't have to feel sad, Vlad
Just arrow the check, Brett
Grab a bottle a suds, Doug
Come Hashing with me

The other bus sucks, Gus
No need to discuss much,

You'll get a new name, Dwane
Come Hashing with me

She said, I think the happy part of my whole life is over
I said, the problem is that you are way too *****ING sober
You can boil a pot of pity soup on your electric stove or

Find 50 ways to be a Hasher

Just follow the trail, Dale
Get out in the shiggy, Iggy
Dont wear the new shoes, Lu
Come Hashing with me

Don't keep the songs clean, Irene
When you're doing the down down
Just show off your tits, Fritz
Come Hashing with me

There must be - 50 ways to be a Hasher

50 Ways to be a Hasher....

O Can of Beer

O Can of Beer, l hold within my hand,
Tall, slim and cold, beloved throughout Hashland!
With foaming heads we see thee rise
Ales, Lagers, Draughts, and Stouts
From locals to imported brews
We cannot do without
Hares keep our beers,
Smooth, chilled and cheap,
O Can of Beer, we run the Hash for thee,
O Can of beer, we run the Hash for thee!

Lager Prayer

Our Lager
Which art in barrels,
Hallowed be thy drink.
Thy will be drunk,
I will be drunk,
At home as in the tavern.
Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us our spillages,
As we forgive those who spill against us.
And lead us not into incarceration,
But deliver us from hangovers.
For thine is the Beer, The Bitter, and the Lager,


Humpday loves the little children
All the children of the world
Brown, yellow, black and white
They're all precious in his sight
Humpday loves the children of the world


Bless these hares,
Bless this trail,
Coppus no catch us,
Farmer no shoot us,
Doggus no bite us,
Heatus no stroke us,
Plenty of cold beer to drink,
Coitus non interruptus.


Or Simply, "No matter what happens, it's my own fucking fault!"

Anyone’s Song

Here's to ________ ,
They're true blue,
They are Hashers through and through,
They are piss pots, 
So they say,
Tried to go to heaven,
But they went the other way,

Regular Hash Behavior Song (‘Fellow’ may be replaced with Brother or Sister)

Here's to fellow hashers,
Fellow hashers, fellow hashers,
Here's to fellow hashers,
May they chug-a-lug.
They're happy, they're jolly,
They're fucked up by golly,
Here's to fellow hashers,
May they chug-a-lug.

He's the Meanest

He's the Meanest
He sucks the horse's penis
He's the meanest, he's the horse's ass.  (HEY!)
Ever since he found it (HEY!)
All he does is pound it (HEY!)
He's the meanest, he's the horse's ass.

Why were they born so beautiful? (Sung to Virgins)

Why were they born so beautiful?
Why were they born at all?
They’re no fuckin' use to anyone,
They’re no fuckin' use at all. 
They may be joy to their mothers,
But they’re a pain in the asshole to me

Soldier Song

Asshole, asshole, a soldier I will be,
To piss, to piss, two pistols on my knee,
For cunt, for cunt, country I will fight,
Asshole, asshole, asshole, asshole,
soldier I will be.

Hashing (Down Down) song

This is a Hashing (Down Down) Song.
It isn't very long . . .

They Ought to be Publicly Pissed On

They ought to be publicly pissed upon,
They ought to be publicly shot, (Bang Bang)
They ought to be tied to a urinal,
And left there to fester and rot

Shitty Trail (A Song For The Hares)

Shitty trail (It sucked)
Shitty trail (really fucked)
The motherfuckers laid a shitty trail
I would rather drink a beer than hash your shitty trail,


Whip It Out At The Ball Game

Whip it out at the ball game, whip it out to the crowd,
Dip it in peanuts and crackerjacks,
I don’t care if you give it a whack,
Just beat your meat at the ball game,
If you don’t cum it’s a shame,
So it’s ONE, (whack off gesture)
You’re covered in goo, at the old ball game!


You’re Stupid,
You’re Stupid,
You’re really fucking Dumb,
If it wasn’t for your mother,
you’d be a stain of Cum!

On The Piss Again

The Flour City Hash is,
ON the piss again,
ON the Piss again,
ON the piss again,
The Flour City Hash is,
ON the piss again
We’re on the piss agaaaaaaainn.

In Heaven There is No Beer

In heaven there is no beer,
That’s why we drink it here,
And when we’re gone from here,
Our friends will be drinking all the beer.

Hot Vagina

Hot Vagina for your breakfast,
Hot Vagina for your lunch,
Hot Vagina for your Dinner,
Just munch munch munch munch munch,
It’s so tasty and delicious,
Bite sized ready to eat, (YUM YUM)
So grab your chick and give her a lick,
Hot Vagina can’t be beat.


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